II. A Blueprint for Understanding

Hello again, my dearest reader!

I’ve decided how I want to structure this journey of laying my mind out for you all after some thought on the matter. Since my goal to have you understand me as much as possible, I’m going to start from the ground up and build a solid foundation before I start getting too deep into my thoughts and experiences. First, I am going to provide basic background/definitions/concepts pertaining to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Next, I will provide a brief explanation on what an INFJ is (As a note, both of these topics will be very informal, as I do not wish to create uncertainty. I will definitely provide external links for the curious spirits out there that wish to learn more, however!). After the foundation is laid I can start to completely explain my thought processes without causing confusion on anything.

If you are well-read on the MBTI or what an INFJ is, you are welcome to overlook the next few sections. Again, the goal is understanding, so I want everyone to be on equal footing before I delve more deeply into myself. These blog posts will likely become more interesting once the groundwork is laid out, so please stick with me. Also, please send me your questions and suggestions, because I would very much like to hear your input. I want this to be a journey that I walk with you all together. Talk to everyone soon.

Seize the day!
10 October 2016 6:27 PM


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