IV. My MBTI Type

Welcome to my corner of the internet, dearest reader!

Today I will personally answer the four questions that I asked in the last blog post. This will be the first stepping stone that allows me to explain what’s going on in my brain. Enjoy!

Question 1: Do you like to focus on the outer world or your own inner world?
Answer: I definitely tend to focus on my own inner world more than the outer world. I am very introspective and contemplative. Because of this, my first letter is I, for Introversion.

Question 2: Do you like to completely focus on the information you take in or do you like to interpret and add meaning?
Answer: I like to interpret and add meaning to the information I take in. I am constantly thinking about the different possible scenarios in my life situations and how my actions affect these outcomes. Because of this, my second letter is N, for iNtuition.

Question 3: Do you like to make decisions based on facts and logic or based on special circumstances and the people it affects?
Answer: In a healthy state of mind, I make my decisions based on people it affects and special circumstances, not based on facts and logic. Because of this, my third letter is F, for Feeling.

Question 4: Do you like to keep your options open, or do you like having a set routine?
Answer: I operate best when I am on a set routine. I am most comfortable when I have a schedule and I have a good idea of what is happening next. Because of this, my fourth letter is J, for Judging.

This combination of introversion, intuition, feeling and judging come together to make the MBTI type known as INFJ. It is a very rare mix of traits, and people like me aren’t the easiest to understand sometimes.

I’m almost at the level of background information that I feel comfortable starting to explain my thought process and experiences. There’s one more piece of information that you’ll need to know before I can dive in to myself, and that’s the idea of the functional stack. I’ll get into that next, then things should be all good after that.

As always, please send me your comments, feedback and suggestions! I want to hear from you lovely souls. Talk to you all soon!

Seize the day!
12 October 2016 7:40 PM


4 thoughts on “IV. My MBTI Type

  1. I am really enjoying reading your posts. And I agree to the one thing you mentioned here, INFJs always crave for understanding. I’m not sure if I’m an INFJ too, but this goes for me too.

    I wish I’d be able to identify what I actually am after reading more of your posts. Cheers, Ryan. A very good attempt this is. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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