(General) An Opportunity for Suggestions/Feedback!

Hello, dearest reader! Hope your week has been going well so far.

I have been studying for exams today, and unfortunately, I do not have the time to write a blog post without rushing it. School comes first, and I want all of my posts on here to be a high caliber of quality. I will get back to it very soon, though!

I have some topics lined up for future blog posts in my head, but I also wanted to give everyone a chance for some input on what you want me to write about! I want this journey to be as interactive as possible, so please, send me your suggestions and feedback! Talk to you all soon!

Seize the day!
18 October 2016 9:02 PM


8 thoughts on “(General) An Opportunity for Suggestions/Feedback!

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! What standard do you study in? 😮 How can you talk so mature! I’m amazed, when I’m unable to understand myself, how did you? I am so amazed!

    And you’re writing soo well, it’s a life-changing experience for me. I’m gaining awareness about myself. Some topics I’m curious about:

    ~Can an INFJ have true friends? Can he trust someone truly and compeletely?

    ~I’ve heard INFJs get very angry. But I haven’t had an experience like that. I’d like to know how and why do they get angry? And how do they deal with things like ‘Forgiveness’? Do they forgive people?

    ~Can an INFJ ever be understood by people?

    And again, thankyou very much, looking forward to more posts. 🙂

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    • Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated🙂

      I’m glad that my writing is helping you understand yourself more! I was once at a point where I didn’t understand myself either. The beginning of my journey was when I took the MBTI test and found out I was an INFJ. I did a lot of reading online about different things related to being an INFJ, and I still do. It is a process, one that cannot be accomplished overnight. I still feel like there’s a lot I would like to know about myself, and my hope is that this blog will help take me as well as others to understanding who we are.

      You asked three very deep questions, and I will cover all of them very soon. I feel like the first and the third will need a lot of writing, but I will try to answer the second one now.

      INFJ anger is a very interesting thing. Because of our auxiliary extroverted feeling function we can tend to hold back some negative opinions to keep the group dynamic running smoothly. I try to detach myself from any situation before I get extremely upset, because I feel like I would be a scary person if I was truly angry and I didn’t care about hurting someone’s feelings. To me, there’s two different types of anger: hot anger and cold anger. Hot anger is when someone blows up in your face, starts yelling/swearing, etc. Cold anger is very different from hot anger. Cold anger is when you keep calm but talk with no regard to the other person’s feelings. I feel like I tend to be a cold angry person, because my tertiary thinking function takes over. I feel like if I really wanted to (Which I never have or never would– I would regret it so much! I’m just talking hypothetically here) I could mentally disassemble someone piece by piece, running through every insecurity that haunts them. But again, that is why I remove myself from situations before I get to that point, because I know how powerful words are. Maybe that’s why we doorslam too. We tend to take such good care of other people’s feelings, but that’s a choice on our part. What if we choose not to? It would make us feel guilty though, because we are not that kind of person, so we just withdraw before we say anything we regret.

      Hope this helps, let me know what you think!🙂

      Seize the day!

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      • Wowwww! That’s really deep. I am glad to get this detailed information. Cold anger sounds really interesting! 😛

        And the line where you say, ‘I could mentally disassemble someone piece by piece, running through every insecurity that haunts them.’ OMG! I’d never want to do that either. 😛

        I just realised, over your blog, I’ve got nothing to question upon, all I do is agree with your thoughts! All of them are so relatable, I find nothing which should be questioned, haha! 😀

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      • Cold anger describes me too. I have on a few occasions said some things in anger to those I was closest to and deeply regretted it. On those few occasions it’s because my character was questioned.

        I completely understand what you mean by saying you could mentally disassemble someone piece by piece by using the insecurities that haunt them. You’re right tho’. I don’t think our conscience would allow us to, but what if we did? Is it possible for us to ever be that angry? Just curious about your thoughts on that? Like you, I choose to withdraw and close the door before saying anything I’d regret.

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        • There’s nothing that sets me off more than when people question my intentions or character. Luckily, I have never mentally disassembled someone before, because I know how much I would regret it. I don’t know if it would be possible for me to be so upset to do so, because I am pretty good at finding ways to distance myself from the situation. I also feel like INFJs tend to see themselves as good people, sometimes better than others if we are being honest here. If we did something like that we would have to question if that is really true. It is an interesting question though, I hope that is a sufficient answer for you. 🙂

          Seize the day!

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      • I totally relate with the cold anger point. I don’t remember the last time I raised my voice in anger. My friends, too, commented upon how they’ve never heard me raise my voice in a negative way.

        The major contributing point to this, I think, would be that I remove myself from the person’s presence if I’m angry. I tend to bring myself and get into control and not blow up. Words hurt a lot, and I hold myself back a lot. The problem, is that most people don’t get that I’m holding myself back and just assume that I’m cool. I do forgive fast, yes, and I think I read that as an INFJ trait somewhere; but if the topic is brought up again, I easily become angry again.

        I’ve also been told that when I’m angry I give the person a deadly look like I’m going to tear them apart if they don’t shut up.

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        • I definitely agree that the reason we don’t get hot angry is because we remove ourselves from the situation before that happens, whether that be physically or emotionally. I can totally relate to having eyes that kill! Most people get the idea that I am unhappy before I have to do anything else. 😛

          Seize the day!

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