XXII. A Letter My Love Will Never Read

To the one that has a special place in my heart,

I write this letter to you knowing that you will never read it, or even know the full extent to which I care about you. I do not lament this fact, not anymore. This is not a letter of grief, but one of appreciation.

From the first moment we spoke I couldn’t help but feel that you were going to be incredibly important in my life. That inexplicable prediction was confirmed as soon as I got to know you. I knew I had found someone that was truly one-of-a-kind.

You have so much emotional depth, and I would gladly lose myself in your inner world any time you felt like letting someone in. When we explored the abstract and took off our masks that we show to the rest of the world, I felt alive, exhilarated. For once in my life I felt understood. I didn’t have to take time to explain myself because you would pick up right where I left off. You are one of the only people that has truly caught a glimpse of who I am and who I want to be. I feel honored that you would let down your walls for me as well, as short-lived as our experience together was.

I have never appreciated the idea of picking flowers, for that is a person destroying the very thing they find beautiful. In the same way, you are a tulip that I have passed by on the path we call life. Instead of uprooting you, I will appreciate your beauty and continue on, letting your tangerine petals bloom. Although I will not be able to see your vibrant colors as I walk away, I am sure that many people will enjoy your presence when their paths cross yours. I know that I did.

Although it pains me to know that you do not feel the same about me as I feel about you, I cannot thank you enough. It has been a great privilege to have met someone who far exceeded my high expectations and set my romantic heart ablaze. You have awoken me in a way no one else could. Although you are not physically in my life anymore, you will always be here with me in my heart. I will always look out for you from afar, because once I care about someone, I always do.

I would wish you the best of luck, but I know you do not need it. You are one of the most intelligent, sensitive, caring, radiant, and beautiful people I have ever met. Although you feel like the world is against you at times, you will find your way– and I cannot wait to see where your talents will take you in life.

Although I would want nothing more than to spend the rest of my days with you, I am beginning to find my peace.

Take care, kindred spirit.



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