XXV. A Letter to 2016

(because I feel the letter format does an effective job at conveying emotional messages.)

Dear 2016,

In a sentence, you were a year to remember.

On one hand, it seems like you turned my whole life upside down. You handed me many challenges in quick succession: moving to an unknown place, meeting new people while saying goodbye to some friends of old. I had to deal with the shortcomings of many people– the most challenging of those being my own. You handed me stress, heartbreak and uncertainty.

Although there were many trials in 2016, I come out of the year feeling that I have got things together now more than ever. An unfamiliar place has become a home, strangers have become friends and I still have all of the people that truly matter to me from before. You handed me problems, and I grew as person so I could overcome them. I grieved for the people that are not in my life anymore, but that has caused me to enjoy my own company even more. I have learned to forgive others for their mistakes. More important than that, I am beginning to learn how to forgive– and love– myself for who I am. Although I am not perfect, I will continue to make strides to live a fulfilling life that makes me proud of myself.

2016, you were a difficult year, but it made me a better person. I will cherish the memories made and remember the lessons you taught me this year into the next. Be it for better or for worse, I look forward to 2017 with an open mind and a resolute heart.

Happy New Year!
26 December 2016 2:48 PM


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